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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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passenger causes a bit of a scare in the air. you'll hear from passengers who helped subdue him. >> and this is a huge weaken for temple football. the owls have not played a game this big, in decades, we're liver on campus, getting you pumped up for the bill owl-o-wean game. >> so excited for them. >> oh, we all are. >> today is friday, october the 30th, good morning to you, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. check on your forecast today, and tomorrow trick-or-treaters, and tomorrow's big game. good morning, guys. >> tgif to you. i feel like everyone in such a good mood. it is friday. it is halloween tomorrow. it is beautiful weather outside, and roadways are dry, can i not tell this is making so many people so happy. so justin, thank you for that. >> hey, no problem. i take full credit, yes, i accept tips, as well. waking up temperatures really where they should be for this time of year. but it is much colder than yesterday. we had temperatures in the 60s, but today, anywhere from 13 to 20 degrees colder, so, it just makes it feel a lot colder than what it actually s
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not used to it for the past 24 hours. but jacket weather in many of the suburbs, widespread four's, 48 now at the airport, in philadelphia, 49 in millville. forty-five in allentown, so we continue to drop. as we approach sunrise mid 40's, pottstown, doylestown, mt. holly, new jersey, checking in at 48 degrees this morning, we don't rebound whole lot. even with full sunshine today, as our wind direction is out of the northwest right now at about 10 miles per hour. so that's bringing in that cooler, drier air mass, from canada, and that's that sets up for about another 24 hours or so. left over cloudiness, across cape may county, new jersey, and southern delaware, right now, from yesterday's storm, elsewhere it is clear skies, moon is out this hour. we will see a lot of sunshine as area high pressure moves in from the midwest. so today, full sunshine this morning, temperatures slowly climb through the 40's, into the low and mid 50's, by around lunchtime. afternoon temperatures again on the cool side for this time of year. maybe few degrees below average. only make it up to 59 degrees for the high for philadelphia, similar conditions, down at
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the shore, and up in the poconos even some low 50's, but trick-or-treat forecast looks great. we keep it nice, dry, full forecast coming up in a few minute, first we have to hit the roads with meisha a how is it looking? >> justin, what will you be for halloween? >> i don't know. i never dress up. >> it is tomorrow! right? all right, fine, we will give him a pass and ask him again in about 20 minute, good morning, everyone, hammy friday to you, tgif at that. ninety-five southbound at girard, looking good. but i will say, it is heating up here just little bit. from a few minute ago, i look at the exact same camera, didn't quite look like. >> this we certainly know the volume levels starting to prague let, now that we move into the 6:00 hour, we can expect. looking at 422, taillights, moving in the westbound direction, this is at trooper road, looking good, and basically anywhere that i look on 422, it is looking pretty good in and around this area. and, also, another area that's looking pretty good, although kind of heating up little bit, as well, the schuylkill at city avenue. now, this is the schuylkill moving in the eastbound direction, and also, the westbound direction, you can
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kind of see it, behind those trees. looking pretty good again just starting to heat up now in the 6:00 hour. media elwyn bussing 7:00 p.m. friday until the end of service sunday because of construction project. ladies, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. disturbing video posted on facebook, shows police officers, under attack, and injured, while breaking up huge melee outside local high school. >> this all happened in allentown. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now with that really outrageous video, justin? >> good morning, the fight took place outside allen high thursday afternoon outside of school. the crowd of student then moved further off campus, into neighborhoods, and on the street, and eventually, allentown police went in, and broke up the brawl and took three student into custody. let's show you the video now making round on social media. it shows the female officer trying to stop a skirmish, reportedly in the area of 12th and chew street, just blocks away from allen high. you will see, one of those student fighters turning on that officer, as other student
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stand by. allentown police estimate as many as 200 student turn out for the fight. though most did not take part, they say, allentown officers mobilized two areas between four and five blocks from the allen high campus about 3:00 p.m. they say. now, once contain, four officers would suffer minor injuries. and this morning, police plan to review footage, and will identify more student, and that means, that more charges could come in this case. so, four officers in all suffered minor injuries, and you can bet that more arrests will come. police say and also this morning, this will be the talk of campus here at allen high for sure. live here in allentown, justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you just hate to see that, justin, thank you. >> new this morning, gunman shoots a man in brewerytown, now philadelphia police are looking for clues that will lead to after arrest. shooting happened around midnight as the 34 year old man was standing near 29th and girard street. now cents's in stable condition, with a gunshot wounds to his neck.
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police have no suspect, and no motive. a legal surprise from the judge, as convicted child molester jerry sandusky asks for new trial. >> that was sandusky on his way into court. the judge called on pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, to turn over any information she might have about leaks in the case by state prosecutors and the judge in charge of the sandusky grand jury. the judge and sandusky's lawyers are looking for potential misconduct. >> and, part two of the never before heard tapes of jared fogle allegedly confessing to child sex crimes, airs today on doctor phil. former subway hitch man brought in on child sex charges in august. secretly recorded who became an fbi i am form and the. >> you were concerned because jared was around schools, and around kids, that he may have
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placed cameras to capture images to catch kids make or changing clothes, and you all had a conversation about that. it circles back around to your children. would you let him put a camera in your kids room? >> no. >> what kind of man would ask a mother that question about her own children? >> part two of jared fogle's truly shocking audiotapes, airs today on doctor phil. begins at 4:00 right here on cbs-3, that is followed by "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> a man accused of a mid-air scare on flight to philadelphia is awaiting a mental evaluation, and may actually face charges. in this video shot by a passenger, which "tmz" then obtained, police escorted the man off an american airlines plane in phoenix. this happened thursday morning, after flight 754 left los angeles with 150 passengers and crew of six. shortly after take off, passengers say that man got
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up, screamed in the aisles. >> we got duct tape, and handicuffs, and we had to hold a guy in a seat, fasten his seatbelt, and say you know if you get up we'll duct tape you together. so we diverted to phoenix. >> the flight arrived at philadelphia international airport yesterday evening, and thankfully, no one was hurt. >> damage to that airways boeing 767 remains visible last night as crews moved in off runway at fort lauderdale's airport. this morning, federal investigators, as well as officials from boeing, will be on scene to figure out what caused that plane's left engine to burst into flames during take off. passengers describe that terrifying scene as smoke filled the cabin. >> it was pretty nerve wracking to know that the door wasn't opening, and know that something was on fire. >> we all reacted very well inside the airplane, and i think that helped us a lot. >> twenty-one of the 110 passengers on board were injured. one of them remains in intensive care.
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>> new this morning, all of the budget deal needs now is president obama's signature. the senate okayed that measure overnight. it avert catostrophic national default, and says spending priorities for the next two years. now, it is a physical crisis were to happen in the future, next president and congress would have to deal with it. well, temple football fever spread interesting north broad to old city. >> oh, yes. market street closed along independence mall, and there is very good reason why. preparations for college game day continues there. got the stage being set up there, espn stage being built on market between fifth and sixth, prime location, tomorrow morning the first time temple has ever been featured on the iconic college football, so welcome. been here couple every days, getting everything ready. >> this is their time. for so long they weren't really part of the conversation. now they are heading it up. go owls. our jan carabeo speaking of the owls liver at temple with some fans this morning. we will check in with her coming up in the next half hour. >> first, you might have in the dollars some teal colored pumpkins when you go
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trick-or-treating this weekend. we will tell you what it means, how it could keep some kids safe. >> meisha, our girl meisha, taking on dream drive-thru bucks county to check out some beautiful fall foliage. i just love it this time of year. we will tell you where to go for this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> sky full of stars this weekendment coming up next talking about halloween asteroid, flying right by earth. details on that, and some halloween surprises, when we come right back. good morning. >> ♪
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>> the blimp tail was removed yesterday with top secret electronics. the rest of the blimp in a ravine, the army says it could take several more days to remove it. >> biggest challenge, the fact it is very steep terrain down there. there is a team that runs right through the site. and it is heavily wooded. >> the blimp's tether which dragged on the ground for miles, knocked out power to thousands of people in that area. the power has since been restored. well, get ready for a treat this halloween, asteroid flying by planet earth. just after 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, nasa says, asteroid about 650 across will come within 300,000 miles of the us i don't know if that's a treat but led let's read on. apparently insisting nothing to worry about here, won't hit the earth or the moon just will continue its trip throughout outer space, also say this sasser toyed will travel unusually fast, about
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78,000 miles per hour. >> making halloween all the more special. 78,000 miles per hour. >> i think kids really want to know, will they need the umbrella? will it be okay? >> i don't think it could get any better really. talking dry conditions. >> nice. >> maybe few clouds, temperatures in the 50's, that's perfect, you have to cover up little bit with the costume. so you won't be baking in those costumes, not talking about 70 and 08 degrees temperature, but today, different story from yesterday. actually, waking up to some cool numbers, temperatures taking a quick tumble today, and tomorrow, and we will get to the halloween forecast in a few minute, but also we warm it back up next week. so if you liked yesterday's weather, i think you'll like what's happening in the seven day forecast, check it out. in the 60s yesterday. right now, mid 40's, reading, allentown, 48 degrees in philadelphia, here's what's happening on storm scan3. nothing, high pressure over us right now, that locks in sunshine. no problems today. little left over cloudiness going on, south jersey and delaware, and for some reason my clicker does not want to work.
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figures. halloween. hey, somebody help me out. bring me new clicker. thanks. wow. hey, what's happening, stan. thanks for helping out. my man, stand here joining us for halloween. you know, what since you're here, why don't you do the forecast? bone dry forecast. ya, how about this? check out this halloween stat, pretty cool. warmest, 82, 1946. coldest halloween we ever had was 41 in 1925. how about this? point to that, 1925, as well. >> you better be careful, justin, i might take your job. >> he was probably alive in 1895. back then, need to gain a little weight there. over inch of rain on that day. all right, stan, probably familiar with some of these count. forecast high this saturday. >> hey, waits born there. >> pumpkin center, north carolina? >> scary west virginia.
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>> oh, scar. >> i six a. >> take you out west here some other cool towns, casper wyoming, 62. tombstone, arizona, look like you came out of the tombstone there. >> yes. >> 68 degrees. >> well done. >> we love stan. >> here is our forecast, for back home here, saturday evening, trick-or-treating looks pretty good. you'll be out scaring these kids? >> oh, you better believe it. >> good. that's what i like to hear. 64 degrees at 6:00. evening temperatures, 50's. so no problems there. just some increase in clouds. that seven day forecast, see what's happening there. stnan break it down for us, sunshine friday, saturday, in the 50's, remember, turn back the clocks saturday night. we go back to standard time. >> bone dry seven day forecast. >> that's a bone dry forecast. that's what's happening there. >> stan, thanks so much for your help. looking good out there, and for everybody, i bet you want to know how we did that? >> explain that magic? >> of course. so here's the shot. we will show you.
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we go back to our cam. >> see this? >> see what's happening? there is the green wall. of course -- >> there he is. >> very dedicate the weather producer. he came one this idea on his own, so pumped to do it. >> oh, i love it. >> the green man? >> that's truly scary thing. >> he's green, so the camera, camera only picks up what's not green. that's why you can see the kim tan. that was fun. >> justin, not doing the weather, then who is? >> nobody. >> boo-boo many. >> you can say it is a skeleton crew. >> with the bone dry forecast. >> you new we had to get one in there. >> perfect, justin, jeff, you're the best. >> so fantastic. >> and the roads can't top. that will sorry, meisha. >> i guess this is the time when i'm supposed to say the boo route -- >> oh, there you go. boom. >> nicole through me that one yesterday. good morning, i don't know about you, but i thought stan was real, so i'm a little bumm
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about. that will disable vehicle, philly side of the walt whitman bridge. mid-span one lane is blocked in and around this area. when look at other cameras, though, things are looking pretty good here. in fact, when look anywhere this morning, things are looking good except for our typical spots, like this one, 95 southbound, right around cottman, this is where you're starting to see some slow downs coming around the s curve as you move into center city. 995 you can expect, some delays, if you are just moving out of your homes, right now, you're getting little bit slow in that area. then, we've got 76ers home opener tonight at 7:00 p.m. versus utah jazz, at the welts fargo centerment expect slight delays, so of course as we always say, plan accordingly. and also, temple versus notre dame tomorrow 8:00 p.m. market street close the right now between fifth and eighth, until sunday at 1:00 p.m. the bus route, 17, 33, 44, 48, are also detoured. so, fun, fun weaken. nicole, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. well we've been looking at your halloween pictures pretty much all morning and loving
6:18 am
them. >> adoring. >> this we want to see pictures of your kids, your pets, your house, anything dressed up, basically use the #cbs3 so we can find t we'll have these up for you all morning long. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> that's my little girl sophie on our halloween cam. oh, look at her, cruising through the news room, our special guest today, giving cuddles all around. >> she is basically the best guester. >> she is loving life right now. also, modeling one of this years top selling customs. i think she is working it. >> we would love to see your halloween costumes again use the #cbs3. >> can we just keep it on the sophie cam pretty much all morning? i'm just loving life. >> oh, that tail. sophie, thank you. >> switching gear hears, on the health watch, teal pumpkins are making halloween safer for kids with allergies. >> allergies, milk, peanut, can take away a lot of the fun for millions of children. so those teal pumpkins are universal symbol to let everyone know this is a house with non-food halloween treat. so like a ring, or sling i there, some have both non-food
6:22 am
treats, in a separate bowl. >> you want them to feel the same. you don't want them excluded. you want it to be fun, you want to be able to go out. my son has older siblings, puts the costume on, run, go crazy, have fun. >> the group fair, short for food allergy and research education, started this teal pumpkin project last year. they have number of resources, too, go to our website cbs great idea. can't have the milk or peanut, still enjoy the holiday. >> it would be huge summer for kids, i love the idea. >> 6:22 right now, george clooney and his wife amal one of hollywood's hottest couples, now even more popular after they adopted this bassett hounds from a shelter. coming up next, the story behind the lucky dog, and what people working at the shelter are saying about the power couple. >> and justin, and stan the skeleton, working on your halloween forecast. >> stan working on some nice weather. cool conditions, if you don't like that, we will warm it up
6:23 am
with cancer, early detection can mean life or death. so,and will paulsown would recklessly deny access to basic health services like mammograms and annual exams, it makes a real difference in women's lives. chris brown voted against funding for cancer screenings. and will pauls opposed funding for clinics that provide access to mammograms - life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls: a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford.
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>> the tabloids have a new clean toy talk about, they adopted millie new bassett hundred. check out millie. fawn abandoned and wandering
6:26 am
the streets looking for food. the california humane society says the clooney's showed up unannounced and asked to meet the pup. they were specifically looking for a bassett hound. >> and she goes home with probably the most famous couple in the world these days. so, ya. hollywood ending. >> there you go. the clooney's brought their other rescue, cocker spaniel name louie, make sure the dogs get along, in honor of the adoption, now named two lab puppies after george, one is named george, and other is being called clooney. >> no mention of amal. >> we agreed maybe that was out of courtesy. perhaps a lady does not want a dog named after her. but that's great. they expanded the family. >> love them. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", wild scene in texas, when two rival biker gangs open fire outside busy restaurant. now authorities want to know who leaked this surveillance video. jan? >> and read it and weep, notre dame. you need more than the luck of the irish to beat these owls, the student here on campus already excited.
6:27 am
coming up we'll hear from temple's pep band, the diamond band, they're going to be playing for us, after the break. and towelly, they will be playing for us a little bit right now. >> ♪ >> ♪ newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair.
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prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". oh, good morning, and happy friday to you. the weather taking us on little bit after roller coaster ride after yesterday in the 70s, now, little cooler, and of course we all want to know about the trick-or-treat forecast for tomorrow. kid don't have to be burdened with a umbrella or big old coat.
6:31 am
so nice crisp fall day for the trick-or-treater. >> today is great. a lot of kids having the halloween parade at the schools. candy, awesome day. so looks good this afternoon, sunshine, casino of repeat tomorrow. >> terrific. love it. >> trick-or-treating event looks good. this morning, little cold, though, yes, jacket weather, yesterday we were in the 60s, even some spots were 70 at this time. so about 16 degrees, colder, in philadelphia, 20 degrees colder at the atlantic city airport, they are the exact numbers right now, mid and upper 40's r for most locations, lower 40's in some of the coldest suburbs, quakertown, 45 degrees, 44 pottstown, and doylestown, there is a bit of a breeze, to deal with. west to northwest wind around 10 miles per hour, that's cool drier air mass, that's filtering in, so if you're headed out for the morning run being jog, bike ride, little chilly out there. few left over clouds, extreme southern new jersey, they'll continue to move off shore over the next few hours, lot of sunshine, through the day today, morning temperatures, struggle to get through the mid 50's, by lunch hour. high today, 59 degrees.
6:32 am
that's few degrees below average for this time of year at the shore unsunny up ear's, low 50's in the mountains, ahead to the forecast for halloween evening looks good. low 50's, just few clouds around, overall cool, and dry conditions. but now we got to get a check on the roads with the morning commute. hey, meisha? >> good morning, to all of you, tgif. grabbing your first cup of coffee, so happy you're here, looking good on the roadways, although disable vehicle, philly side of the walt whitman bridge, mid-span. one lane was block in and around that area for quite some time. looking good right now. when i look at the schuylkill, eastbound at city avenue, looking good there, as well. starting to heat up on the westbound side, also, the eastbound side, making your way into center city but overall, for this time frame, on friday, looking pretty good on the schuylkill, everywhere, that i look. now this is where we do have accident, route 202 between silver tail lane and reader road. 202 is closed in both directions, you want to use alternate such as 413 in and around that area. also tonight, 76ers home opener tonight at 7:00 p.m.
6:33 am
versus the utah jazz, at the wells fargo center, might be some traffic. so plan accordingly, as we always say. and also, big game, temple versus notre dame tomorrow 8:00 p.m. market street closed now, between fifth and eighth until sunday at 1:00 p.m. nicole, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. cnn has aired this surveillance video from inside a texas restaurant, that captures start of deadly shoot-out. police say they didn't release it, as don champion reports, investigators are trying to figure out who did. >> even without sound, the video alone is terrifying. aired on cnn thursday, it shows members of the biker club sitting and having drinks on patio one moment, the next, dodging bullet, and running for their lives. off screen, fight started with members of the rival gang, the bandit owe crew. shoot-out at the now twin peaks restaurant in wako, texas, killed nine people. >> those did not come from wako police departments. those were not released to the
6:34 am
media by the district attorney's office either. >> the video leaked, as the grand jury continues weighing murder charges in the case. 177 bikers were arrested after the shooting, and charged with engaging an organized crime. law enforcement officials have been ordered not to discuss the case. don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". four police officers in allentown are recovering, they were injured while trying to break up an after school brawl. police say the fight involves up to 200 teenagers, at 15th and linden near allen high school. three teens taken into custody but police say more arrests are likely. >> a warning now, for people who use the schuylkill river trail after two indecent assaults. the most recent was this past tuesday, near walnut st., another was reported on october 21st, near locust street. in both cases, female runners were targeted by teenagers on bikes, who had touched them inapropriately on their back sides while riding by.
6:35 am
both assaults happened between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. >> casino of crazy. almost a little scary. because when you run, you're like in your own zone. so you're not expecting people to come up to you and grab you. >> you got men, women, i've seen kids, early in the morning, working out, running. so, again, there is constantly people here. that's why it is alarming to hear. >> authorities say pink down the number of incident is difficult because most go unreported. >> well, happening today, connecting the schuylkill river and cynwyd trails, the manayunk bridge trail officially opens. the bike and pedestrian bridge links lower merion township with main street in manayunk. the first pedestrian and bike only bridge across the schuylkill river. it has been out of use for almost 30 years since septa ended rail service there back in 1986. >> well, hey, it is a big weekend for the the red and white. >> much anticipated match up with notre dame. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now on temple's campus where students are so ready to go.
6:36 am
they're pumped up. >> erika, nicole, good morning, yes, it is 6:30 in the morning, but the student center here on temple campus is electric right now. it is buzzing. i got the spirit squad to my left. i got the diamond band behind me. i got the cherry crusaders way in the back with their college game day signs. everybody here is really excited for the big game on saturday. and before we let them play for us little bit. i want to bring in amber. she is one of the drum majors at temple university. just to talk about the excitement on campus right now as this team tries to make a historic eight and zero. >> campus has been beaming for the last two, three weeks. every year we get, i mean, every game more and more people showing up, more and more excitement. everyone is super pumped. particular vets been sold out for week now or two weeks. it is crazy. i'm so excited. >> what's it like to play? you guys will play during the half time show. >> we played for penn state. i can look guarantee it will be nothing like that, it will be so much more intense,
6:37 am
really, a lot of more excitement. >> no pressure amber. you take your place, get ready to play. again, they are playing in front after sold out crowd, at the linc, thousands screaming fans, amber, band, take it away. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ go owls! >> what an awesome job! what an awesome job, you guys. so, we have some of the spirit squad here, as well.
6:38 am
ladies, how does it feel to be a part of such a big game like this? >> it is great. >> how much have you been practicing? are you ready for possibly a eight and zero beating golieth after team like notre dame. >> oh, we're absolutely ready, barak tig is g almost every day this week, prepared to take on notre dame. >> also big day tomorrow for the game. college game day is in town, putting national spotlight on philadelphia, the cherry crusaders, in the back there, may have seen some of their signs. we have our own signs, temple owls hoping for very happy owl-o-wean. check out the website, really supports this school and this team. so make sure you re tweet t guys, can i get one more song to play us out of this segment? what do you think? all right, let's do it. wasn't >> ♪ >> ♪
6:39 am
>> ♪ >> oh, hunk hang you to all of the student waking up early to join us this morning, we ' so excited for the game day. >> this is your time, owls live it up. happy owl-o-ween we certainly hope. it will be a happy one. it certainly will be. by the way it is halloween, getting you red which some adorable kids all dressed up in their costumes. my favorite part. what's hot this year. and also the kids will be here in studio coming up. >> also, peak time to check out the fall foliage in our area. meisha is taking us on dream drive-thru some of the less peeping spots, bucks county, you don't want to miss this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i just love this song.
6:40 am
it is so appropriate, because it is the sixers home opener tonight. sixers ceo scott o'neil joining us live in our cbs-3 studios to talk sport. pat gallen will be here, to break down the big game. go sixers. go temple. we've got a lot going on. happy happen owe wean, too.
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>> we like stan so much, we want to invite him back, right? >> not a bad idea. get your olds bones up here, stan. bone dry forecast, too, first, we check in with weather watchers, lou, in eagleville, 44 degrees out in jamison, david, 45, clementon, new jersey, david dutch at 50 degrees, down in dover, delaware, still looking at 50. so depend where you are. little cool right now. we do have have left over clouds, extreme southern delaware, came may county, new jersey, moving off shore. back. back to mostly sunny skies, stan, not giving this holiday forecast, it is all you. welcome back. >> this guy is the man right
6:44 am
here. hanging out here for halloween. this is our halloween forecast. good to be here, thanks for helping out. you're doing great job. >> so saturday morning, waking up in sunshine, temperatures low 40's, into the afternoon, parades looking good. >> hey, that's my house back there. >> looks pretty good. i like what you do with that, ya. stan will be out scaring the kids trick-or-treating. >> boo haha. >> temperatures low 50's, stan. a lot of good color out there with the fall foliage. >> i heard meisha likes to go leave peeping. >> she will show us how it is looking out there in just a minute. but here we are, peaking pretty up, a lot of high color around philadelphia. and stan turning the clock back saturday night? >> let's go out and play. >> we go back to standard time sunday morning 2:00 a.m. sunset at 4:59. you like it dark. >> oh, i love the dark. >> probably looking forward to it. let's check out the he can tended forecast, a lot of sunshine today. again, bone dry, right, stan
6:45 am
(. >> bone dry indeed, justin. boo haha. >> and then next week, we warm it up to the 70s. just little too warm for you, stan? little too warm. all right, a check on the traffic, see what's happening. so what's up, meisha? >> oh, all right, well, that is hard to follow, thanks, 95, southbound approaching the betsy ross bridge, certainly heating up as you approach the bridge all the way to center city looking very busy. also another spot looking pretty busy this morning, 959 southbound, coming around the s curve of cottman. but we can expect that, as we head toward our rush hour. >> and stan said it, enjoy some leaf peeping, meisha. >> apparently, apparently i do. i don't know if i would call it leaf peeping? >> that sound really weirds. >> sound like the creeper peeper on the leaves. all right, women, as we know, october of course is peak time for fall foliage. i got a chance to get out and enjoy some of. >> this we found beautiful
6:46 am
viewing spots in our region, and, what's so great, it is very close to home. we call these dream drives. >> this time bucks county beckons us. just south of new hope, we're taking river road south to washington crossing. turning route 532 to drive into newtown. >> on river road, and it is gorgeous right here. it is just breathtaking when you drive to the fall, when you get out of the city, into the country. >> we're following the sign to bowman hill tower. >> so here we go. we are going what feels like almost vertical. and these roads are very very narrow. >> this is bowman's tower completed 1930, approximately 115 feet tall. built to commemorate the sacrifice and to honor those early revolutionary war
6:47 am
soldiers and general washington. >> pay $6, elevator ride up most of the way, then walk up 23 tight winding stairs. >> beautiful 15-mile view. nothing else like this. >> here the soldier grave, thompson kneel i house was the field hospital. >> does anyone ever talk about seeing any spirits or anything? >> we always have the folk that say oh, is the tower haunted, people say oh, i've felt something, or i thought i had seen something. we don't know. >> you never snow. >> never know. >> we're on 532 southbound, heading to newtown, and i hear rumor has it that there is a great chocolate shop there? >> ♪ >> oh, it is so cute. okay, so, here we are, newtown chocolate tear. and the first thing that i'm struck with is the aroma. it is absolutely delicious.
6:48 am
>> the pretzels number one, believe it or not. >> people love pretzels. chocolate covered pretzels. >> where are you making this? >> just right on the other side of the wall there. >> we're going to make a gnosh, french chocolate. first thing we do is add the cream. this is corn serum. -- corn syrup or glucose. >> there you go. perfect. >> driving to tyler state park. we'll play disc golf. perhaps the first time i've ever heard of that. >> every shot you throw is considered a stroke. just like ball golf. compared to golf, it is so much cheaper, it is quicker, it is easier, not as frustrating. >> all right!
6:49 am
>> that's better. >> oh! >> keep it simple. step back couple. hey! >> i can't believe i made that one. >> all right, now, now, you might be intimidated. >> ya! that's right, baby. >> look at you! >> i know, i got a little excited on that. >> right? understandably. >> and it is hard, i mean it, takes so much more than you think, just to toss it, and try to make that, but for anyone who loves golf, i tell you what, that's such an awesome game. it is casino of up and coming. >> and it is cheaper? >> cheaper, bucks county, who new, gorgeous. >> oh, yes, stunning. >> specially this time of year. >> specially now, for leaf peeping. >> stay tuned. >> creeper, meisha, a thank you. >> your welcome. >> hey the six remembers back in town for their home opener tonight against the utah jazz. >> but, before they hit the hard wood, we want to check in with ceo scott o'neil, and joining us now with pat gallen, tell us bore that. >> how are you guys doing? and i'm excited.
6:50 am
i know everyone else is excited about. >> this i don't know that anyone is more excited about the sixers home hope em opener, sixers ceo scott o'neil. >> thanks for having me other than my daughter's halloween parade, this is as big as it get. that's number one. >> six remembers two. >> sixers home opener, jazz tonight, number two. >> totally get it. so talk to us about the excitement level of not only you, but the entire organization, as you start off the home schedule. >> we're pretty excited. anyone hopefully with sports enough to watch the opener, you saw okafor, our rookie out of duke, actually put on show. scored more point than any rookie center since kareem abdul-jabbar since 19, he look all the monster we thought we had when we drafted him. new orleans noel, man, could be defensively of the year. he's that long, athletic, offensively looks real comfortable. that will tan dumb looks like to be core for long time. >> you mention okafor, you mention noel. and there are couple of other pieces, too, that might be the
6:51 am
part of the future of the team. how comfortable are you with the way things are going? this is year three of sam hinge i, a lot of people who aren't thrilled with the way the 6ers have broken things down, so, are you comfortable with it? >> i'm more than comfortable. i'm extactic. we've had two years of real tough basketball to get to this point. now you have some core pieces, we mention new orleans, nick, number eight overall pick, out of michigan, big ten player of the year, six-ten shooter, athletic, can get to the basket. and so i think we are starting to get core of good talent and just aroundment corner we have joel embiid, and 41st round picks this year, so everything we said would happen, it is happening right now. >> seems to be still a bit of a dividing line between the fan base that loves the plan, they trust the process, sam hinge has in place, then the people that may not like t hey, we all hate losing, how do you draw those fans back in that don't necessarily like
6:52 am
what going snob. >> nothing great was ever easy. for one. we have a plan, and we're pulling them, slowly, coming. our fan base is almost doubled since we've been here in the last two years, so season ticket base continues to grow. we have a long way to go. we know who we are. we know where we r we know where we're going. this is a city, a smart basketball city, really smart basketball fans, and this is smart basketball town. we have no doubt this city will capture it. >> show you photo, you tell me first thing that comes to mind. >> this guy right here. >> legs, long. >> that's new or evens noel. number one, lent. here is another pretty long guy. that's squawl eel okafor. >> beast. >> beast, 26 points in that first game. hopefully, a sign of things to come. >> all right, the guy we also just talked about. joel embiid. hope. i like that. hope. we hope he comes back soon. we hope he gets on the court. here is another one quickly. what do you say to that right
6:53 am
there? >> it is two words, but no comment in philadelphia. >> i was going to show you -- i was going to show that you one, too, your friend at wells fargo. we throw that one to the side. we appreciate your time. >> i love you. i love this show. come see us tonight at the center. 7:00 p.m. utah jazz, first win tonight. sixers-jazz. don't go anywhere. we'll be right
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> sophie is back for us, here she is, dress the up a cents little witch. i think she has one more wardrobe change for you. >> good witch or bad witch? >> oh, come on, she just loves everybody she is meets. my goodness, so, so cute. in addition to sophie, we also have some very special guests here in the studio. >> absolutely. >> doesn't get any cuter than this. >> great trick-or-treater joining us to show off their awesome costumes. your name and what are you dressed up as? >> cheetah. >> you look so gorgeous, young man. >> danny. >> who are you? >> very nice, is this your little baby smear. >> your name is baby kenny. you don't have to tell us. and your frankenstein, right, budd? >> he doesn't talk. frankenstein doesn't talk either. i love the costume. i think we have some candy for
6:58 am
you, too, justin will bring over the cans. >> i come on over. >> all every these comes tombs, they keep coming up. all right, what's your name, who are you? >> i'm hunter. >> and what are you dressed up as? >> red ninja. >> nice. >> who are you? >> i guess you're a fireman, right? >> very nice. some candy guys. nicole? >> how about you, sweety? >> let's get you to the front. >> aero he will. >> and what are you dressed as? >> very nice. keep it coming up to the front. keep everyone's great outfit. >> what are you dressed as? >> pony. >> oh? >> showing off. >> and let's get these little guys to the front. all right, let's make some room. >> oh, i think over here? >> oh, making very scary darth vader. one more? >> what's your name? >> oh, guys, thank you so much. costumes this year, i think we have one more little guest
6:59 am
star, if i can bring her in. sophie. there you go little girl. with a little mermaid costume. so, so cute. >> the candy man! >> one more for the road. thank you, first doggy style for all of sophie's costumes today. >> all morning long. >> so cute. >> we want to remind you if you are watching, don't forget to send us your halloween pictures, because one every these cutest you know you'll have plenty of pictures, send them to us using #cbs3. your kids, your pets, your costumes, your decorations, whatever you have got, as long as you're celebrating we want to see it. how about again looking at the kids. >> you guys are great. >> so, so cute. >> happy halloween. and very special show coming up also just in a few seconds for cbs this morning, they have their 1,000 show. so, 1,000 show. >> maybe charlie roads will be in costume. wouldn't that be fun? >> that would be quite a site. great day everyone. have a happy and safe halloween. all say it together, guysment
7:00 am
all say it together, guysment one, two, three, captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, october 30th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a deadly gun battle overnight ends a massive manhunt for a fugitive who attacked police. video shows a school bus driver hitting a student with special needs. other children scream at him to stop. plus, we welcome comedian john oliver back to studio 57. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> we hate to end it this way. not what we want ever, but there is is a feeling of relief that it is over and a community is safer now. >> a deadly manhunt ends in kentucky. >> f


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